Q.  What name do I sign on my Marriage Certificate?
Your signature on the Marriage Certificate should match the one on the Notice of Intended Marriage form (this is generally your maiden name, unless you've produced a Change of Name certificate issued by Births Deaths & Marriages)

Q.  Can I change my name using the Marriage Certificate given to us by our celebrant on the day of our wedding?
No, you will need the 'official' Marriage Certificate from Births Deaths & Marriages in order to change your name with the banks, on your drivers licence etc.

Q.  How do I apply for my 'official' marriage certificate once we're married?
The official marriage certificate from Births Deaths & Marriages currently costs $43.50 & can be applied for by completing the required form found here.

Alternatively, I am more than happy to submit the form on your behalf at the same time that I lodge the rest of the legal paperwork for your marriage. You will just need to complete the form along with payment info & have it back to me by the rehearsal. (No need to provide JP witnessed/certified copies of identifying documentation, as I have already sighted it). It is much simpler & faster doing it this way, & is no hassle to me at all. 

Q.  My name has been spelled incorrectly on my Birth Certificate, however it is correct on all other identifying documents such as my drivers licence, medicare card etc. Which spelling must I write on the NOIM (Notice of Intended Marriage form)?
The name on the NOIM should be exactly as it is spelled on your Birth Certificate, unless you are able to present to the celebrant an original Change of Name certificate issued by Births Deaths & Marriages.
Any discrepancy between the name on your Birth Certificate & the name on your Marriage Certificate will result in difficulties when applying for your Australian Passport in your new married name.

Q.  I have 3 middle names & don't use or even like 2 of them. Do they all have to be said during the ceremony & included on the NOIM & Marriage Certificate?
Yes, it is required by law that your full birth name be recorded on the NOIM, your Marriage Certificate & said (once) during the ceremony. If you really don't like these names & don't wish to have them included, you will need to officially change your name by applying for a Change of Name certificate from Births Deaths & Marriages. You must then present this certificate to your celebrant prior to your wedding taking place.

Q.  How do I choose a Celebrant?
  I suggest that whomever you choose to be your celebrant, you & your fiancé meet first, before making your decision. Each celebrant’s service & style is as individual as their personalities, so it’s important that you both feel comfortable with & have confidence in the person who’ll be marrying you.

Do not make your decision on price alone. As there is not set fee guideline that celebrants must follow, you’ll find prices will vary greatly. Some charge as little as $300 whilst others charge $800+. Discuss with your fiancé what sort of ceremony you would both like, (eg. Registry style where your names are slotted into a pre-scripted ceremony, or a really personalised ceremony reflecting your personalities, values & relationship). Some celebrants offer additional services within their packages (eg. my ‘platinum package’ which includes me taking photographs, supplying non-alcoholic bubbly & champagne glasses for toasting etc). Shop around & find a celebrant who can deliver exactly what you’re after. This is your special day so don’t overlook the importance of choosing the right celebrant to perform your marriage.

Remember also that the victory of paying a small price will be long forgotten, if the bitterness of disappointment happens to be experienced by you & your guests on your wedding day. Do your research & make sure that your chosen celebrant can deliver what you're looking for.

Most couples find that by the time their wedding day arrives, they feel that they have gained a new friend in their celebrant.